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Mantenha sua tela Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus em condições fantásticas com o protetor de tela oficial Samsung resistente a arranhões.
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Finally the right screen protector
This is actually the right screen protector for this phone! I spent more money on a different brand on Amazon but the fingerprint sensor stopped working. This isn't tempered glass but I dont think you can get tempered glass for this phone. Easy to apply and worth the money.
Great replacement for the S10+
The screen protector worked as advertised. The application was relatively easy, though I ruined my first piece after failing to align it properly.
The video posted by mobile fun on how to apply was helpful too. In all, a real value for money for something that works perfectly.
It's the only protector worth having
All the rest of the protectors make a mockery of the gorilla glass. Dont bother with toughened plastics just stick with this wafer thin and adequate protection let the glass do its work
Good deal.
Good screen protector. No problems with fingerprint scanner.
There is a little more glare/reflection when watching darker scenes in films etc if it is quite light around you, but I suppose thats a small price to pay for protecting your screen.
Very happy overall.
Good Product
Wish the screen protector was a little thick as when applying the screen protector , there were marks on the screen.
Best S10 screen protector!
I work in mobile sales and Ive tried all of the screen protectors for the Galaxy S10 plus. The glass protectors make the finger print sensor hard to read and the plastic ones come up on the edges. This is the only screen protector that's worked perfectly.
Not for me.
My first time using a screen protector.Always have full case.too fiddly for me.u asked for this feedback In the right hands this product is probsbly fine Didnt work for me.
Does the job
Does what it says on the tin, easy to apply and stays bubble free.
The best
The product 100% original
Very good fit as you would expect from an original product.
I've had this on the phone for a week now without any problems. Finger print sensor works fine through it. Only complaint is that it isn't quite as oleophobic as the glass screen itself.
fabulous screen protector
This company is fast and reliable, they competitive with price,range of products. I know who will be my first contact if i need anything in the future. Highly recommend this company.
Good buy
A little tricky to put on but I solved that problem by getting my 13 year old grandson to do it. Fits great and fingerprint opening works well.
Not fully edge to edge, visible white edge
This isn't fully edge to edge and the edges are visible as white lines (presumably dust).

Despite being an official Samsung product it's not the same as the protector that was pre-applied to my S10+ in factory.

Doesn't fully wrap around the front camera and indentation marks visible from day to day use, which proves it is protecting but can be annoying at certain angles. Also attracts fingerprint smudges a lot more than the factory applied protector.

Not the easiest to apply, either.
Great place to buy mobile accessories
I purchased 2 original Samsung screen protectors from Mobile Fun as they were the only ones I could find who had them. I was pleasantly surprised how great this buying experience was. I will definitely purchase from them again
Perfect fit
Really easy to apply with no bubbles, plus extra one in case you mess up
Great price
Thanks mobile fun, first time I bought stuff from you amazing price difference from Samsung website. Always bought it accessories from Samsung quite expensive but mobile fun site same stuff in really cheap price
Decent product
With the help of YouTube fairly easy to install although bit of a job to get rid of air bubbles. Could do with being a fraction longer, however pleased with item.
Good Protection with atmost coverage
the protector mostly covers all areas as required,
Screen protector
Works perfectly 100% satisfied
Just what I wanted.
Nice kit. Easy to fit. You cant go wrong with Samsung.
Very easy to apply and 2 are included in the pack so if you mess up the first time you can have another shot!
Easy to apply and seems durable
This screen protector was a breeze to apply, only took about 5 minutes in total and I would have to say it is actually better than the factory applied one that comes preinstalled on the phone.
Touch sensitivity is not impaired, so fingerprint recognition works great.
I actually prefer this to the factory applied one as this seems, in my opinion, a little glossier, so fingerprints wipe off with ease.
As this has a gloss finish, it looks like the glass and doesn't even look like there is a screen protector on the phone.
I would recommend this as you get two for the price and a fibre cloth and a decent air removal tool.
Not good
I put one on, with in 2 days it started to peel off at the corners, put the second one on and same thing, waste of money.
Excellent protection for your S10 plus
Great feel as usual. Easy to apply. Smooth surface. Feels like a glass. Always go with original samsung galaxy accessories.
NOT like the original protector!
This protector does not cover the whole screen. The top right corner where the camera sits is missing and it is NOT like the photo shown!
Better than the cheap Chinese stuff
Samsung's own screen protector is soft transparent TPU, but thicker than the stuff you get on Amazon. It's actually that thick they have to pre-curve it to make sure it applies easily.

Probably expensive for what it is but the protector goes on easily and seems very robust. And there's two in a pack.

'A' minus I'd say.

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