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Recordable Message Christmas LED Glitter Bauble - Red

Recordable Message Christmas LED Glitter Bauble - Red

Mobile Fun

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Send friends and loved ones a fabulous red LED glitter bauble with your own recorded message on it this Christmas. Not only is it far more impressive than a card, it can be used over and over again and make a perfect gift, keepsake and decoration.

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Message in a Bauble

Traditionally, when one want's to send love and best wishes to friends and family we use Christmas cards. But sometimes, that's not enough. For those people who really want to pull out all the stops and send something unique and special to loved ones, we have the thing for you. The recordable bauble is so named because you can record an 8 second message on it and send it to whoever you wish. When they receive it, they'll have something amazing to decorate their tree (or you can use it as an ornament) and they'll also be able to play your message over and over again. If you can't be with somebody at Christmas, let them know how you feel about them. You don't have to gift them of course. You can always decorate your own tree with them and record your own messages to delight your own household.
Don't worry if you get your message wrong as you can record it again as many times as you wish. This also means you can record a new message next Christmas.

Gold Recordable Message Christmas LED Glitter Bauble

Bright Christmas

If the glitter fleck finish here wasn't enough of a feast for the eyes, there are 3 LEDs that can be activated. This makes this bauble stand head and shoulders above more mundane ones and it's another reason to choose a few of these to complement your exist decorations. The LEDs will also look great alongside any fairy lights you may have up. This should be enough to get you dreaming of a bright Christmas.

Gold Recordable Message Christmas LED Glitter Bauble

Perfect Christmas decoration

It may be able to record messages and it may have fancy LED lights, but at heart it is a bauble and is designed to be used as such. That means it will look great on your tree like any other bauble - more so in fact. You can also mount it on your fireplace like an ornament.

Gold Recordable Message Christmas LED Glitter Bauble

Battery power means convenience

Using just 3 button batteries (included) you can keep these baubles going for ages - giving you a significant amount of time before you need to replace them. When you do though, all you need to do is insert 3 more batteries. What could be easier? And the main beauty of this method is portability and keeping your sockets free. You put the baubles anywhere and they're not slaves to the geography of your power sockets. This also leaves your sockets for more power hungry devices like fairy lights, phone chargers, TVs and so on. You need your sockets at Christmas more than any other time, right?

Compact, lightweight design

The glitter LED bauble has been built with convenience in mind. A compact 8cm diameter means they won't get in the way of anything and will blend in with your other baubles and decorations. Apart from the fact they stand out because they're so fabulous of course.

Comes in an attractive gift box

The bauble looks great even before you take it out, thanks to the attractive gift box it comes in. You can use this box when you send it on to anybody you choose to gift one to as well.

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