Sudio VASA BLA Bluetooth In Ear Headphones - White / Rose Gold


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Developed from the VASA range, Sudio have removed the wired connection to create the VASA BLA Earphones in white and rose gold. Featuring a Bluetooth connection, these elegant earphones are perfect for hands-free calling and to enjoy your music on the go.

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Sudio VASA BLA Bluetooth In Ear Headphones - Black / Rose Gold

Stunning design and construction that compliments your style

The VASA BLA Earphones from Sudio feature a beautiful hybrid construction, crafted from aluminium and given a polish finish. The elegant design is combined with eye catching rose gold detailing, to create a stunning set of earphones, which are perfect to pair with your outfit and favourite fashion accessories.

Sudio VASA BLA Bluetooth In Ear Headphones - White / Rose Gold 

Excellent sound reproduction that all the experts love

By integrating Sudio's 10.2 mm driver which has been amplified and carfeully tuned, the VASA BLA earphones produce an extremely clear sound with natural bass, ensuring you can listen to your music and hear each element of the song, as if you were inside a studio.

Wireless Bluetooth connection

The Sudio VASA BLA earphones feature Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology, to ensure stable connectivity and sound quality, while easily pairing your devices. No need for wires or to sit directly next to your music source, instead you have the freedom to move up to 10 metres away from your connected Bluetooth device, allowing you to control your music and accept / reject calls on the go. 

Sudio VASA BLA Bluetooth In Ear Headphones - White / Rose Gold

Integrated mic and remote for hands-free calling

Featuring a built-in mic and remote, not only are the VASA BLA earphones great for listening to your favourite music playlist but are also perfect for making hands-free calls. Integrated into the design, the handy remote enables you to answer calls with a simple click,  while also being able to skip tracks and change the volume without having to touch your music device or smartphone.

Sudio VASA BLA Bluetooth In Ear Headphones - Black / Rose Gold

In-ear design prevents your earphones from falling out

The VASA BLA Earphones are equipped with soft silicon earbuds, which means that they fit incredibly well in the ear preventing them from falling out. In other words they are perfect for when you're on the go.

Four different sized interchangeable buds

The VASA BLA Earphones come with a set of four different sized earbud sets, to ensure you get a perfect fit.

Genuine leather carry case

Sudio have included a genuine leather carry case to ensure your VASA BLA earphones are protected at all times, including whilst in your pocket and bag.

Technical specifications:

  • Driver: 10.2mm dynamic speaker
  • Sensitivity: 112 dB SPL @ 1 kHz
  • Impendance: 32 Ohm @ 1 kHz
  • Frequency Response: 18 Hz - 23 kHz
  • Bluetooth: v4.1
  • Range: 10 meters
  • Battery time: 8 hours (active), 10 hours (standby)
  • Charging time: 10 minutes (quick), 120 minutes (full)

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