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Olixar High Power HTC 10 Car Charger

Olixar High Power HTC 10 Car Charger


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Keep your HTC 10 fully charged on the road with this compatible Olixar high power dual USB 3.1A Car Charger with an included high quality USB to USB-C charging cable.

"Got the charger and cable so I can use my phone as a sat nav and keep it charged"
"HTC quick charger A*"

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Chris Tyler

21 Março 2017
Got the charger and cable so I can use my phone as a sat nav and keep it charged
Got the charger and cable so I can use my phone as a sat nav and keep it charged,it works brilliantly and of course mobilefun had it in stock at a good price and delivered it within a couple of days great service as usual.

Asim Ahmed

HTC 10
19 Setembro 2016
HTC quick charger A*
So I thought I would try an alternative product as HTC didn't offer what I needed. The innovative quick car charger by Olixar definitely beats my expectations. Coming with 3 ports and a lengthy cable - this item charges up my new HTC in no time which is useful when using battery draining navigation apps on the go. The charger is more expensive then similar ones on a popular auction site however the difference in quality is definitely apparent with the glossy black finish and premium packaging. Delivery was swift so can't knock the service either. Recommended!

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Informação adicional

High power Dual USB 3.1A car charger

With a whopping 3.1A at your disposal, this high powered car charger will top your HTC 10 up in no time. It will also allow you to use battery intensive applications such as sat nav or music players without draining your battery and you'll still be charging at the same time.  

Olixar High Power HTC 10 Car Charger    Olixar High Power HTC 10 Car Charger

Ergonomic car charger is easy to use

This compatible HTC 10 car charger has been designed to be as comfortable to use and as functional as possible. Featuring a pleasingly and reassuringly straightforward design, it can be easily plugged and unplugged from your car's electrical port. Its small size is a welcome bonus, as it will not hinder any operation of your vehicle or take up any more space than necessary. After all, the last thing you need when driving is any distractions.

Olixar High Power HTC 10 Car Charger    Olixar High Power HTC 10 Car Charger

USB-C charging cable included

This product also includes a USB-C charging cable, so you can charge your HTC 10 with ease. You can also use the USB to USB-C cable to charge your phone in any other USB powered port or connect to a computer to transfer media & data.

Olixar High Power HTC 10 Car Charger    Olixar High Power HTC 10 Car Charger

Dual USB ports for charging two devices at the same time

The Olixar 3.1A Dual USB Universal Car Charger features dual USB ports, so it can charge two devices simultaneously. With this charger you won't have to decide which device to charge as you can charge both at the same time.

Olixar High Power HTC 10 Car Charger

Compatible with 12 or 24 volt sources

The Olixar Car Charger can alternate between 12 and 24 volts, so you can easily use it in either your car or a lorry.

Compatible with the HTC 10

Featuring a USB-C cable and enough power to charge your phone quickly and easily, you can be certain that this car charger is compatible with your HTC 10.

Tested to be compliant with USB-A to USB-C standards

USB-C Compliant Cables

This cable has been tested to be compliant with the USB-A to USB-C standard. Non-compliant cables can attempt to draw as much as 3 amps (3A), which could potentially damage connected equipment when they are not compatible with this high power output. 

Don't take the risk, as the Olixar USB-C Charging Cable has been tested to ensure it's compliant with USB-A to USB-C standards, featuring the required 56kΩ resistor necessary to protect your devices.

Find out more on our blog post: Looking for USB-C compliant cables? Here’s how we test ours.


  • Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 65mm
  • Input: 12 to 24V DC 
  • Output: 5V, total 3.1A (2.1A and 1A ports)

Please note: The component parts of this pack may differ slightly to the images used to illustrate the pack on this page, however, replacements will be of equal or greater quality if an adjustment is made.

HTC: 10

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