Shumuri Slim iPhone SE Case - Clear


Código do produto: IPSE-X-SLIM-CLEAR

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Protect your iPhone SE with this thin and lightweight case from Shumuri. The Slim Case in clear is only 0.35mm thick, giving the impression as if it was not there at all.

"Slim iphone case"

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Loukas kakkou

Iphone SE
4 Dezembro 2016
Slim iphone case
100% satisfied, all the detail about the products i bought were 100%true delivery was really fast even i paid for the standart shipping. I always buy acessories for mobile fun. Trustable and always ready to help you. These may sound as an advert but is not is what happens in real life!!!

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Ultra thin and extremely lightweight

Weighing only 3g and 0.35mm thick, the Slim Case from Shumuri is one of the thinnest cases around. With its ultra thin and extremely lightweight design, you can almost forget the case is even there.

Premium quality feel

With a extremely smooth finish, the Slim case provides a premium quality feel while in your hands and ensures you can use your iPhone comfortably.

Shumuri Slim iPhone SE Case - Clear

Minimal design to complete the iPhone SE's sleek lines

The Shumuri Slim Case features a minimal design in order to compliment the iPhone SE's sleek lines and ensures your phone looks great.

Frosted texture with anti-scratch protection

The Shumuri Slim Case has a frosted texture with anti-scratch properties, providing all round protection for your iPhone SE and protecting against scratches, scuffs and dirt.

Cut-outs for all features and ports so you'll never have to take the case off

The Slim Case for iPhone SE features cut-outs for the various ports and features such as the rear facing camera and charging port, meaning you still have full functionality of your phone.

Made specifically for iPhone SE

As this case has been made specifically for the iPhone SE, you can be assured of a perfect fit and have access to all of the iPhone's features.

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