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InvisibleShield Samsung Galaxy S7 Original Screen Protector

InvisibleShield Samsung Galaxy S7 Original Screen Protector


Código do produto: GS7OWS-F00

Referência produto: 57496

The precision pre-cut case friendly InvisibleShield original screen protector applies directly to the front of your Samsung Galaxy S7 for advanced clarity and a glass-like surface.

"Really Good Screen Protector"
"Excellent Protector"

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Richard Davies

Samsung Galaxy S7
31 Março 2016
Really Good Screen Protector
i have had trouble with protectors in the past with my other Samsung Products i would always be left with 1 or 2 air bubbles which would not go away. I found this Screen Protector very easy to install on my new Galaxy S7 and it only took minutes to do and if you mess up you can just pull it off and start again and the air bubbles work themselves out within a few hours which i thought was amazing

Simon Webb

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
26 Março 2016
Excellent Protector
When I ordered my new phone, I knew where I was going to get my accessories from. Mobile Fun obviously. The Screen Protector I ordered was amazing quality, well packaged, and easy to use. Only problem, I ordered the S7 one not the edge! Donut!

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Informação adicional

Give your Samsung Galaxy S7 the protection is deserves 

No matter how careful you are, without protection your screen will become scratched. All it takes is one piece of dust so small you can't even see it to become stuck between two moving surfaces and your display is harmed. The only way to truly protect your device is with the InvisibleShield and the time to do it is the moment you take your new device out of its box.

Doesn't interfere with your phone's screen

The proprietary film is a clear, urethane plastic that is invisible and offers great protection, with unique properties that allow it to provide self-healing qualities and unparalleled abrasion resistance. The InvisibleShield has been designed for advanced clarity with a glass-like surface for an incredible finish. 

Installation Spray included for advanced clarity

Included with the InvisibleShield is a full installation kit, featuring an application spray. The spray's unique formula is used on application and provides you with advanced clarity, a glass-like surface and secure fitment to your Samsung Galaxy S7's screen.

Toughest, most durable screen protection available

The InvisibleShield is the toughest, most durable gadget scratch protection film available. The film has its origins in the U.S. military, where it was used to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades from wear and tear while travelling hundreds of miles per hour.

Specifically made for the Samsung Galaxy S7

The InvisibleShield Case Friendly Original Screen Protector has been specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy S7, so it is guaranteed to offer a perfect fit.

Samsung: Galaxy S7

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