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Spigen Crystal Samsung Galaxy S7 Film Screen Protector - Three Pack


Código do produto: 555FL20001

Referência produto: 57236

Designed to provide superb clarity and protection for the Galaxy S7. This Crystal Screen Protector for the Galaxy S7 provides a defence for your screen against scratches, bumps and knocks.

"Great product at a great price."
"Good quality product"
"Great product"

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Jim Bisset
North West

Samsung S7
18 Junho 2017
Great product at a great price.
Easy to apply, clear instructions, protects my screen!

Alexandru Gabor
Royal Leamington Spa

Samsung s7
15 Abril 2017
Good quality product
One of the best website in uk

Barry Cooper

12 Março 2017
Great product
Best screen cover for S7, I had a different make before, which kept peeling off at the side's. Great product.

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Informação adicional

High surface hardness provides excellent resistance to scratches and scrapes

Crystal screen protectors are rated at a surface hardness of 3H. This means it provides exceptional protection against scratches and scrapes to the front of your S7, while still allowing full, effective use of your touchscreen.

Spigen LCD Galaxy S7 Film Crystal Screen Protector

4 layered screen protector

The Spigen Crystal Screen Protectors for Galaxy S7 are made with 4 different layers. These 4 layers combined create a superior, hard and clear screen protector.

Spigen LCD Galaxy S7 Film Crystal Screen Protector

Comes with 3 screen protectors in the pack

This Crystal screen protector pack for the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with 3 front screen protectors, so you'll be protected for ages.

Spigen LCD Galaxy S7 Film Crystal Screen Protector

Easy to apply and remove without residue

Manufactured to using a premium silicone adhesive - Spigen Crystal screen protectors are easy to apply, reposition and remove due to their non-tacky adhesive, which can be easily removed without leaving residue.

Spigen LCD Galaxy S7 Film Crystal Screen Protector    Spigen LCD Galaxy S7 Film Crystal Screen Protector

Custom cut for the Galaxy S7 

This screen protector has been custom made for the Galaxy S7, so you can be sure of a perfect, almost invisible fit. Spigen also uses a special silicone glue that does not damage your screen, results in fewer air bubbles and leaves no residue on removal.

Spigen LCD Galaxy S7 Film Crystal Screen Protector    Spigen LCD Galaxy S7 Film Crystal Screen Protector

Samsung: Galaxy S7

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