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Brodit iPhone 7 Plus / 6 Plus Active Holder With Tilt and CigPlug


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Charge and use your iPhone 7 Plus / 6 Plus in your vehicle with this Brodit active holder with tilt swivel.

"Great kit"

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Richard TYempest

Brodit 1phone 6 car kit
23 Maio 2016
Great kit
lovely piece of kit in the car. Works perfectly. Easy to fit and has a good length of charger lead.

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Hold your iPhone 7 Plus / 6 Plus safely in your car

Designed to hold your smartphone on your dashboard, the Brodit Active Holder lets you use your phone safely for taking calls via Bluetooth, connecting to your speaker system or as an in-car navigation system. The Brodit Active Holder lets you keep your attention focused on the road and both hands firmly on the steering wheel, while the holder itself allows easy access to the charging port and headphone jack port.

Swivel bracket to view your phone at any angle

Attached to a ball joint swivel bracket, the Brodit Active Holder allows you to adjust the position of the phone holder 22° in each direction in order to reduce light reflection and improve the visibility of your phone in different driving conditions and positions.

Combines holder and Apple-approved charger into one compact unit

Brodit Active Holders are a great choice for mobile phone users who frequently use their phone in the car, by including an integrated iPhone 7 Plus / 6 Plus car charging cable to make sure your phone is kept fully charged on long journeys and commutes.

Padded holder to prevent scratches to your phone

The inside of the holder includes light padding to ensure that your iPhone 7 Plus / 6 Plus doesn't get scratched or marked when being used in the holder.

What else might you need?

The Brodit Active holder is designed to be fixed to your dashboard, either using a Brodit ProClip, or by screwing into the dashboard directly. This holder can also be attached to a Universal Suction Mount. For installation instructions please visit the official manufacturer website here.

Brodit iPhone 6 Active Holder With Tilt Swivel and Cig-Plug

Apple: iPhone 6 Plus

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