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Brodit iPhone 7 / 6 Active Car Holder with Tilt Swivel

Brodit iPhone 7 / 6 Active Car Holder with Tilt Swivel


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Charge and use your iPhone 7 / 6 in your vehicle with the Brodit active holder with tilt swivel.

"Slick, quality a product that integrates with the car"

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Shahed uddin

iPhone 6
22 Outubro 2016
Slick, quality a product that integrates with the car
I wanted a phone holder charger for my car that can be wired up to the fuse. I have been using broadit active cradles for many years. I find it easier to purchase items from mobilefun. It's easy and quality assured.

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Informação adicional

Hold your iPhone 6 safely in your car

Brodit active holders are a great choice for mobile phone users who frequently use their phone in the car. With your mobile in the active holder, it is safe, convenient and within easy reach. Attached to your dashboard, inserting and removing your handset is simple, as the holder is tailored to suit your handset model.

Swivel bracket to view your phone at any angle

The attached tilt swivel unit means the active holder can be adjusted for avoiding light reflection on the screen making it easier and safer to view whilst driving. Your mobile phone connects to the charging circuit and charges your phone everytime you put it in the holder.

Use with our Universal Suction Mount to easily put this holder anywhere in your vehicle or use the pre-drilled holes to screw onto your dashboard.

Please see the installation guide on details of how to fit the holder.

Brodit iPhone 6 Active Holder with Tilt Swivel

PLEASE NOTE: This Active Holder is for a fixed electrical installation and it is recommended it is fitted by a professional

Apple: iPhone, iPhone 6

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