Sphero 2.0 Robotic Ball for Smartphones


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Introducing Sphero 2.0. Now faster, brighter, and smarter than ever. The future of gaming is here, and you hold the power. With over 25 apps jump into a whole new world of mobile gameplay.

"THE PRISONER,NO 6.The Schizoid Man (ROVER)"

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17 Fevereiro 2014
THE PRISONER,NO 6.The Schizoid Man (ROVER)
Amazing. 21 century fun. Robotic fun at its best for price and entertainment.

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Sphero 2.0 is more than twice as powerful as previous models

Sphero 2.0 is 2x faster, 3x brighter, and smarter than ever. Sphero 2.0 rolls at speeds of up to 2 meters per second and pairs to your device via Bluetooth with a range of up to 30m. Powered by induction charging and an internal smart robot, Sphero 2.0 also glows in millions of colors and is pet proof, waterproof, and ready for any adventure.

Sphero 2.0 Robotic Ball for Smartphones    Sphero 2.0 Robotic Ball for Smartphones

Highly advanced and incredibly playful the Sphero 2.0 is unlike any toy you've seen before

Combining several latest technologies, the Sphero 2.0 is an Orbotix Smart Robot on the inside and an opaque, high-impact polycarbonate shell on the outside  that you control with a tilt, touch, or swing of your smartphone or tablet in conjunction with a whole range of official and third party downloadable apps. Draw a shape and Sphero 2.0 will follow the path. Swing your smartphone like a golf club and Sphero 2.0 will be the golf ball. With every new app you download, you'll experience this robotic ball in a new and fun way.

Ramps in each box

2 ramps are included in each box and you can choose from over 25 apps to launch a whole new world of mobile gameplay.

Sphero 2.0 Robotic Ball for Smartphones    Sphero 2.0 Robotic Ball for Smartphones

Compatible with Apple and Android devices via Bluetooth

Operative using the dedicated application available for Apple iOS 4 onwards and Android v2.2 onwards devices. The ball is controlled wirelessly over Bluetooth and comes with an operative range of 30m (approx).

Supports use with over 25+ apps for hours of fun

Available from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store, the Sphero 2.0 can be used in conjunction with over 25 interactive games that communicate with your smartphone or tablet device.

Sphero 2.0 Robotic Ball for Smartphones    Sphero 2.0 Robotic Ball for Smartphones

Includes mains plug adaptors and induction charging for drop and go ease

Included with the Sphero 2.0 is a mains charger with three interchangeable mains adaptors for use with North American, European and UK mains. The plug connects to an induction charging unit which the Sphero 2.0 can be easily dropped onto for fast and easy recharging of the device.

Supports open development platforms for customised coding and use

In order to product a product which continually improves itself and offers ever changing challenges and entertainment, the Sphero 2.0 provides full support and platforms for API and Mobile SDK developers in order for you to get involved in creating and customising your own programs for the device.

Sphero 2.0 Robotic Ball for Smartphones


Technical Specifications:


  • Over 25 apps available for iOS and Android ensure you never run out of ways to play
  • Capable of rolling speeds up to 3 meters per second. That’s faster than you
  • Connects to your device via Bluetooth and boasts a 30 meter range 
  • Induction charging provides over an hour of full-throttle gameplay
  • Now 3x brighter, Sphero glows in all your favorite colors for nighttime gameplay
  • High impact polycarbonate shell for unbreakable, unstoppable play
  • Internal guidance system includes a gyro and accelerometer
  • Hackable and programmable internal robot means you can get geeky

Battery Requirements:

  • The included lithium batteries are rechargeable via the induction pad
  • A complete charge takes about three hours and provides approximately 60 minutes of continuous driving time


  • Measures approximately 7.5cm in diameter
  • Weighs approximately 168g

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