Apple iPhone Stereo Headset With Mic and Remote


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Modeled after the acclaimed new Apple Earphones, the iPhone Stereo Headset provides superior comfort, fit, and sound quality with a built in Mic and Remote.

"Apple iPod earphones"
"The Perfect Device"

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Dursley, Gloucestershire

Apple, iPod earphones
2 Outubro 2016
Apple iPod earphones
Apple iPod earphones, they came within 24hrs, just what I was looking for, excellent, many thanks, Jenny xx


apple headphones 4S
27 Setembro 2014
Had been searching for some genuine apple 4s headphones as I don't like the new ones. These arrived quickly and are perfect

Jacob Alexander
Trinidad & Tobago

iPhone 4S, iPad 4 and iPad Mini
20 Maio 2014
The Perfect Device
There is no replacement better than or as good as a genuine and original item. Whenever I need a replacement item or part, I look for fit, performance, reliability, durability and just plain good looks. This is just what I got from my Apple iPhone Stereo Headset with Mic and Remote. It is a beautiful item and I absolutely enjoy owning and using it.

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Informação adicional

Built in remote control for controlling music or Siri

These Apple earphones have a built in remote which will allow you to skip tracks and adjust the volume of your music all without touching your device. If you have an iPhone 4S, you can also use it to control Siri.

Built in microphone for handling calls on the move

Built into the remote on the right headphone lead is a microphone. This will allow you to remain handsfree whilst driving for example. 

Genuine Apple product with excellent sound quality and super clear sound

As this is a genuine Apple product, it is made from the highest quality materials and superior sound quality with super clear sound. 

Apple iPhone Stereo Headset With Mic and Remote

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